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Thursday, September 10, 2009

An end to the summer

Pin It Here are some random shots from this summer:
Cale's 32nd birthday was August 18th. The birthday sign was made with love by Averie.

We've spent many hours at our storage unit trying to take out what we need for six month.

Averie took swimming lessons again. She had many sessions where she was the only student.

Auntie Colette and kids came to visit. We all went to a buffet where the little ones could not contain themselves and probably ended up having at least three desserts. Brenna's best friend that night was Joey, who refilled her bowl with gummy bears about three times. We didn't even notice! It was so funny! You can see what is most likely her second helping in this picture.
Kempton and Daddy with their matching attire for church.

Brenna's hair finally is long enough to put in sponge curlers!

Cousin Maddy came to visit, along with cousin Maci who passed through to Boise.

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