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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Averie's Perspective

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There's always been something about Averie that makes us smile...and we finally put our finger on it...her ENTHUSIASM for life!
Averie loves her teacher Miss Katie. Ms. Katie fosters a very creative environment, and we are impressed. Averie has become quite the solar system expert and already enjoys math and science. I love how Ms. Katie encourages Averie's love of learning life!

This is Averie's boyfriend, Dalton. Dalton has a twin named Tanner. One day I asked Averie why Dalton was her boyfriend and not Tanner. This was her explanation, "Dalton starts with the letter D so that is closer to my name that starts with the letter A." hmmmm...makes perfect sense. Dalton waits at the preschool door every morning and when he sees Averie, he shouts "My girlfriend is coming!"

We all look forward to Fridays when Braelyn comes to play...more fun for them and easier on me...I get tons done, guilt free!

Brenna smiles the cutest for her big sister

Sibling it!
Whenever I ask Averie who is her BFF, she says Kempton. He really looks up to her. Last night we had spinach lasagna for dinner. Before Kempton would admit that he liked it, he had to ask Averie if she liked it.

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