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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rosie the toddler

Pin It Even though I wrote that Brenna is a toddler, I don't believe it! She is still our baby, and when I say baby, I mean in every sense of the word. Our teeny-tiny-pixie-fairy child turned two January 21.

Every time I lay eyes on Brenna, I can't help but think of how grateful I am to have her. She has such a sweet and spunky personality, she is always in a good mood (when I'm around...hehe), and she is just so dang miniature and cute! I can't stop kissing her!

It's so funny to me when we are out and about, I get comments all the time from people who are amazed at how well Brenna talks, walks, and acts. It's because they think she's 18 months! haha! I guess the funny thing is that she is doing what she should be doing at age two! Lucky for her, people don't expect much from an 18 month old.

  • Cute sayings- "I see the house!" "We here!" "Top it!" (stop it) "cereal please" "I wuv oooh" "I do it!" "Gum! GUM!! GUMMM!!" "Pweeeeeeese!?" "Snuggles mommy?"
  • She has an amazing sense of where we are when driving. She knows all of our routes and either gets very excited or starts crying a mile from our destination.
  • Rosie calls Averie "Sia" (pronounced See-ya). She can say Averie, but refuses.
  • She runs everywhere and loves to shake her bum bum.
  • Her smile is HUGE and her dimple is the cutest.
  • She is a horrible sleeper, and when I say HORRIBLE I mean up five times and whines all night. But then she wakes up like she didn't do anything wrong.
  • She is very nurturing to her dollies, rocks them to sleep, swaddles them, and changes their diapers. She goes through 50 wipes a day, I've started hiding them!
  • She practices wiping her bum every day. She puts her elmo potty on the ground, wears her bloomers, and goes through a half role of TP in one sitting.
  • Eats anything, more than her older sister AND brother.
  • She always wakes up happy from naps and is a morning person.
  • Her voice sounds miniature just like her body.
  • She walks right into nursery like she owns the place. The nursery leaders call her Rosie.
  • She sings REALLY loud when she doesn't think anyone is listening.

For Brenna's birthday, we opened presents from Daddy and Mommy, Grandpas and Grandmas, and auntie Sondra. We had cupcakes and a little scavenger hunt. Kept is simple, but the kids loved it!

Brenna and "Paa paa" shared their birthday party this year.

Daddy and Birthday girl

Averie is taking the scavenger hunt very seriously

Loving her new dolly blankie that matches her blankie from Gran

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