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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Happenings

Pin It Here's our BESTS for the month:

"Me? Kempton? With Red Hair?"

Kempton started soccer, Averie started gymnastics. The first week of soccer, Kempton LOVED it. Then he got frustrated at the game when "all the big kids get to kick the ball and I didn't." So then he HATED it. Then we busted out some of our amazing parenting skills...BRIBERY. You'd be amazed at how well cookies and candy bars improve soccer skills! I asked Averie what she likes better, gymnastics or art. She must like gymnastics A LOT because it beat out arts and crafts.

NFL season is over...enough said.

Valentines Day festivities. I planned the preschool party for 30 kiddos....pinata, V-day boxes, and cookie decorating were on the agenda. Cale and I tried out an Indian restaurant in town which was very tasty but lacked atmosphere.

For the first time, Kempton didn't cry during his haircut!

Brenna slept six hours in a row one night.

Averie thinks she has FIVE lose teeth.

With good, comes opposition:

Kempton tumbling down our apartment stairs and hitting his cheekbone on the corner of the sad and ouchie!

My butt is getting bigger.

Brenna's beloved and raggedy pink bear is no where to be found.

Cale and I waking up every morning feeling like we are 80 years old. Goodness gracious, I know we are both in our thirties now, but this is ridiculous! It is time to buy a new bed AND kick our baby out of our room! Yet another thing to look forward to when we are in our house.


Marcie said...

Sorry about your sleeping situation. There is nothing worse. I love that the NFL season is over. I keep wishing that the broncos might go on strike next season. How wonderful would that be? Also your butt can be getting bigger if it was never big. I wasn't looking :)

The Little's said...

Unlike Marcie, I WAS looking and your butt could stand a little bigness! We need to have a family get-together soon...I miss your sweet kiddos and you need to see my big belly!

Forrest and Jennie said...

Your kids are getting so big - I wish we could see them more often! What cuties.
PS - If your butt is getting bigger, then mine must be gigantic.

Washington Hills said...

Love the formatting of this post! So fun to read. How cute is that one with your girls reading???

As for the "butt getting bigger" comment, I completely understand, said the middle-aged lady pregnant with #4, wink.