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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cowboy, Take me Away

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12 years ago I met a cute boy at a Superbowl party. He went to this party to watch the game, I went to check out cute boys. Sitting on the counter trying to see the TV through the crowd, he looked confused. He was the only guy not spruced up or reeking of cologne. Very intriguing, so I joined him. We got to talking, I couldn't pronounce his name, and then I saw those lips....luscious lips...and those eyelashes.

I knew I loved him after only a few weeks, but I waited until he said it first. I had never felt so comfortable, so safe, so pretty, so happy, so accepted. He listened and he understood.

To me, he was a country boy. Not a cowboy, but close. A gentleman, humble, loyal, hardworking, and such a softy. We were from two different worlds, I am the city girl.

He proposed to me after nine months, and we were engaged for nine months. We laughed together, played together, and cried together. We knew it was right. We compliment each other.

On May 5, 2000 in the San Diego Temple, we were married for time and all eternity. We made covenants with each other and the Lord, and there would be no other.

Then came three beautiful children, our creation together. Our blessing, a family. What this life is all about.

Our life together has not been perfect, but we are best friends. Our connection runs deep. We enjoy our time together. We've grown up together. We talk for hours. He teases me. He's the funniest person alive. He is the smartest person alive. He needs me. He wants me. He is my partner, he is my everything.

Today is our 10th anniversary, a milestone.

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year

Sixth year

Seventh year

Eighth year

Ninth year

Tenth year


The Little's said...

That's probably the sweetest post I've ever read about an anniversary! We sure love your family and are happy you found Caleb so we could share you...

Eardley Fam said...

First-I LOVE,LOVE, this Dixie Chick song but more importantly I love your very sweet post! Sounds like a wonderful 10 years. Love your pics-seriously I need your advice of how to stay so thin!! You have such a beautiful family and I hope we can meet up sometime-sooner than later!
Your long lost cousin,

Heidi Best said...

So sweet. Congrats on 10 years!

Marcie said...

Why am I almost crying I'm not married to you or Cale. What a beautiful post.

amber dawn said...

the crazy thing is...i remember these pictures, getting them in the mail and such. that makes ME feel old! i love you guys!

Selina said...

that was totally sweet!! so romantic!

Fiagle Family said...

wow where does time go?!! I remember looking for guys at those awesome stake dances we had. lol haha. you have such a cute family. I love how you showed a little each year..

Marcie said...

what was cale doing at a superbowl party with luscious lips and long eyelashes. that's not how you show up to a superbowl party. cale...if you have anymore questions about football just let me know. -josh.

Christine said...

beautiful post and such a beautiful couple. Congrats on making such a great life together. Here's to many more for the two of you:)

Brian, Emily, and Violet said...

Congratulations friend! What an amazing 10 years it's been for you guys! What a blessing!

Washington Hills said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You guys still look great!

Washington Hills said...

I LOVE IT. Congratulations!
-Dave & Krista

Peterson's said...

Happy Anniversary. Suzette, you get prettier with age. Cale, not so much. Love you guys!

Chelsea Peterson said...

I want to know how the heck you couldn't pronounce his name? HAHA.
Such a beautiful family. I think you BOTH look better than ever! We can't wait to see you guys

RedWarthen said...

SO SWEET!! Happy 10th! I still remember when you were having fun choosing which chapstick you would wear and how you would stop kissing to put more on:)

Anonymous said...

Suzette, ten years has just flown by. I remember spending time with you the week before your wedding like it was only a few months ago. 3 kids later, ups and downs, I'm so glad that Cale is your best friend, then and now. Love you guys. -Elizabeth