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Friday, June 11, 2010

May Days

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Cale and I attended the hospital's annual black tie fundraiser event. Lots of dancing, alcohol, and food. If you can believe it, each table cost $6500! The food was delicious, but not worth $6500! Good thing Wyotech paid, but I think Cale's boss forgot that we do not drink alcohol because he paid extra for some $100 bottles of wine. Believe me though, the other eight people at our table drank their money's worth! It was fun to get dressed up and snazzy and to dance with my husband as well as get to know his colleagues. Cale's boss (Wyotech President) keeps telling me I better get used to these things, but I always feel so strange in "hoity toity" places.
Kempton and Brenna aren't fighting for once in their life! Just jokin'.

Enjoying the nice weather

Don't let this picture fool you, she does not look this grown up in real life!

Averie's Gymnastics Olympics, showing off her first place ribbon!
Kempton letting out his wild side on the four wheeler...he is a MANIAC! Standing up, skidding out, and getting within inches of objects before turning. Who knew he was such a thrill seeker?
My baby's last year of preschool. :(
She could not be more excited to enter the big bad world of kindergarten! By the way, I was not expecting her to have a full painted tiger face for all of her preschool graduation pictures!
Her Pre-K class was just girls and they were best buds.
Averie and Ms. Katie.
Ms. Katie got teary-eyed during Averie's parent-teacher conference and expressed to us what a blessing Averie has been this year. She said that some days she would think to herself, "I could really use some adult conversation right about now. Oh wait, I have Averie!" Her teacher says she is definitely a leader, but also shows empathy and tries to please everyone. Ms. Katie said that her biggest challenge is going to be her popularity...isn't that funny? Wouldn't that be a nice problem to have? I sure hope she holds on to her self worth because those junior high years can really be the pits. :)
Kempton requested a zebra

This was our backyard one evening before the rain.


Seth and Jenn Clark said...

Super cool sunset!! Love those moments in life when everything seems perfect!! Can't believe Averie is getting so old...congrats to her on her preschool graduation.

The Little's said...

I loved the pictures! I remember Katie from High School...Denise graduated with her...I think. I can't wait to come visit your home!

Selina said...

wow your kids are getting so grown up! so beautiful!

Clarke and Kamie said...

love the latest pics! looks like you guys are having fun! I always feel like you when I go to "fancy" events. I feel like everyone thinks I am "JUST a stay-at-home mom".