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Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

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I posted these pictures of our new build for those who are interested (probably just you, Mom...haha). I am a "detail person" so I took pictures of things that I would be interested in if I were looking at a home.
We are truly loving the space our home provides. The pretty things are nice, but the space is even nicer! It's hard to look back eight weeks ago and think about how crazy our life was in that tiny apartment. There is definitely something to be said about having a space of our own and something personalized. We even love each other that we aren't in each other's space!

Starting as you enter the front door, I have put these pictures in order as you walk through the house:

Front Entry. As you walk in, the office is on the left and the hallway to the kid's rooms and family bath are on the right.


Girl's Room. Their room is a "refreshing and sweet" pink and green color (that comment was for you Summer...haha)!

Very girly chandelier

Family Bath

Kempton's walk-in closet. I was able to design the closets with the finished carpenter, which I enjoyed doing even more than anything else!

Kempton's room

Our stairs to the basement share a wall with the office

Entry to our master bedroom

Master bedroom. In 10 years of marriage, we've never purchased bedroom furniture...very sad. :(

Master vanity

Shower and toilet closet

Jet tub and rainglass window

From the entry way, you can see this view of the fireplace.

Pantry off kitchen nook

Kitchen Nook

Facing great room

Kitchen travertine backsplash. Can you tell I love Tuscan and Old World design?


View from the garage entryway

Garage entry with message center. Laundry room is off to the right and not picture worthy at the moment.

We love visitors! hint, hint


Ponczoch Family said...

I've been waiting for this post! Love the house! Love the way you've decorated it to perfection (and in such a short time).

ColleenandKendra said...

It's absolutely beautiful Suzette! I'm so glad for you guys to have this lovely place!

Clarke and Kamie said...

beautiful!!! I want your pantry!!! If I ever get "another" house I want a huge pantry like that! so fun.

Jill said...

Yes, your pantry makes me hyperventilate a little bit. I love seeing the details, and it is fun to see a few decorating touches we made together back in Clarkston. This is a great house!

Shelli said...

So gorgeous....I can only dream :)

RedWarthen said...

It's absolutely beautiful!!! Is the downstairs finished or is that a future project?

sisters4saymoreismore said...

i love this!!! so beautiful! i bet you guys are so happy to have some space again!
congrats on the new home!

mamapickle said...

the house looks GREAT! Ya'll did a fantastic job designing everything. I think we have the same couches, but ours are now pretty nasty and old.

Laker Family said...

You did such a great job, everything looks beautiful! I think we have the same granite and your backsplash looks perfect with it. Your floors are really fun with the variation in the wood, love it! We will be driving through on July 2, maybe I can come ooh and aah in person.

The Little's said...

We love your home and had a blast last weekend! Thanks for having us!

amber dawn said...

wowie wow wow!!!! i LOVE the family area and kitchen especially. way to go guys :)

Eardley Fam said...

What a beautiful home! Don't worry you aren't the only one who hasn't purchased new master bedroom furniture-we are in the same boat, after 9 years we went from garage sale dressers to using old furniture from my room growing up!

Washington Hills said...

I'm with everybody - GORGEOUS! Congrats on the house. ENJOY IT! (I'm terribly jealous of your master bathroom!) So fun!

Scott and Becky Burdick said...

Looks beautiful - great job!

Jack and Laura Conley Blog said...

Your house is beautiful!
Beautifully decorated!
Jack and I didn't get new bedroom furniture until we celebrated our 16th anniversary! Hope you don't have to wait that long!

Anonymous said...

Suzette, it all looks AMAZING! You are so good at putting all the details together! You and Cale have made an amazing home for your family. I can't wait to visit and see it in person!
-Elizabeth Dotta