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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disney Day 3

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On our final day at Disney, we met the princesses at the ball and spent lots of time in Fantasyland (all the classic kid rides).

I wanted to bottle up Brenna's excitement and sweetness as she met each princess. It was so magical, and she believed with all of her heart that the princesses were REAL. Her face was the cutest thing I have ever seen, she watched them intently and tried to copy their every move. She gave them long hugs and was not afraid one bit. Look how she's holding her hands!
Kempton was a good sport. Being sandwiched between sisters, he has watched his share of Disney princess movies.

Ariel was Brenna's favorite, probably because of the red hair?

I don't think our kids got my dizzy-want-to-throw-up gene, thank goodness!

Tom Sawyer's kayak. The poor people who got stuck with our family, where only one person really had the strength and desire to row. The rest of us just pretended.


Jack and Laura Conley Blog said...

Love your pictures of the kids at Disney. They have the disney eyes!
Glad you had a good trip!

Clarke and Kamie said...

so fun!!! I love love love disneyland! I am actually heading on a girls trip this weekend to costa mesa and talked the girls into hitting disneyland for a day (no kids=big rides/no characters/no parades)! I am with you on the magic of it. Mariko is already kind of "grown out" of it, Kaia really does think they are so real. I think 2-5 is the best age for it. Cute pics!