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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Vacation: Our California Adventure

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I will ALWAYS have California pride and will ALWAYS be a California girl! So any chance to visit is a real treat. Cale had a conference in Santa Ana so we found a way to all go with him, which made it very affordable (he worked the system...why not?). On our trip we visited my brother and his family (Chad and Sue), my high school BFF and her family (Elizabeth and Matt), Great-Grandpa Passow, and spent three days in Disneyland. We seriously had such a GREAT time! I'm not sure if this is because we are getting better at traveling with three small kids, or that our kids are getting older and therefore easier. No cribs, breast feeding, naps, extreme tantrums, etc. Probably the latter.

Regardless, it is so fun to think that Averie may be old enough to remember the fun, bonding, and family time that took place. Do you remember when you were five?
Brace yourself for a blogging OVERLOAD...

1 comment:

Fiagle Family said...

wow you guys have been busy. Looks like fun. I love disneyland when its not full. and I agree traveling does get easier when your kids can stay entertained for more then one minute.