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Friday, February 25, 2011

OCD Never Looked So Good

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What four-year-old makes his bed like THIS? With NO help from Mama?
This has been going on for a while now, at least since the age of three.
Older sister could use a few lessons from him, although her skills would be considered NORMAL. This is a DAILY occurrence:
Pillow pet tucked neatly in the corner, blankies folded ever-so-perfectly at the foot of his bed.
It really is an ART form.
Sometimes I wonder where he gets this from...
Then I admit that I was a child who never once "played" with my Barbies.
I would set them up perfectly ONLY to admire.
To this day, each of my Barbies have all of their outfits, shoes, and hair in tact.
And I still won't let my daughters play with them until they are RESPONSIBLE enough.
I look forward to when he grows up so we can go on mother/son organizational frenzies!


Chelsea said...

Callie is just the same with her bed! Two peas in a pod.
But I have to say that neither I, nor Callie, haven't NOT played with our barbies! You take it to a whole new level ;).

The Little's said...

I love that little Kempton! Maybe he should start teaching some classes...I know my Ekena and William can be his first students!

Amber Hanni said...

wow impressive!! i've been following your blog- but we just got ours up with my new email- it's nice to keep up with everyone somehow :)

Washington Hills said...

LOVE IT. My friend says that she's "COD," which is OCD in alphabetical order...