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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our little ladybug is three!!!

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I am shocked that Brenna is three. She is still my baby! How can this be? I guess time flies when you are living in survival mode. I thought for sure by now I'd have my act together!

We love our Rosie. She is such a delight, her face is so fairy-like, and she is the best tushy-shaker I know. She has us all wrapped around her little finger. In fact, today we realized that she does most of the mess-making, but never any of the cleaning up! We've got to work on this now that she is a big girl.
Here's getting to know our girl:
She has the keenest sense of smell, probably asks us at least 10 times a day, "What's that smell?" Could be morning breathe, the catalytic converter, Kempton's you-know-whats, Daddy's face, chocolate, pretty much anything. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree on this one.
Her dimples are so kissable, she is so feminine, and loves the color pink. Must use pink bowls, plates, cups or else...
Playing babies is her thing. She must have her baby (bear) with her at all times. That thing has had nine lives. Last winter after it had been lost for a couple months, it showed up in the preschool parking lot after the snow thawed.
She is such a big helper in nursery at church. I recently got a call from her nursery leader telling me how sweet and helpful Brenna is in there. Her independent side comes out when I'm not around.
She's mama's little sidekick. Wants to be near me, even when she has to go potty. She loves to hug, snuggle, and kiss me all day long. She says Kempton is her "best friend" but has a funny way of showing it!
Ironically enough, she's our biggest eater, and least picky.
Brenna had her first official birthday party, with invitations and everything.
Ladybug themed decor:
and food:

We did these place mats again:
She loves her friends! I made ladybug tutus for the girls, and a bug catcher for her one boyfriend.

Pin the dot on the ladybug of course.

She isn't into all this attention and gets embarrassed easily. This was her reaction to the birthday song!
I think their favorite part was when we turned on music and danced the "jitterbug," but...
...Brenna just observed her friends having a great time.

Coming to a bank near you:
We can't forget the family party. Thank you grandparents for the fun gifts!

Grandpa Perriton and Brenna's birthdays are two days apart, so we took Grandpa to one of his favorite restaurants, KFC for our family celebration.
Notice Averie's missing tooth! More on that later...
Happy Birthday Rosie Posey!


Scott and Becky Burdick said...

Happy birthday to Brenna! The party looks like it was a blast. And Suzette, I LOVED your ladybug fruit. Adorable! :)

Jack and Laura Conley Blog said...

You are so talented. I love the ladybug theme. Great Ideas.. Your kids are so cute and can't believe how fast they are growing

Eardley Fam said...

What an adorable party!! How creative and fun. I think our three year old girls would be two peas in a pod.

Peterson's said...

Cute party sis. Very creative. I think Brenna is the smallest 3 year old in the world. Small but very cute.

BTW - I hate your new font. :)

Love you,