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Friday, March 18, 2011

Duvet Vote

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This post is for selfish reasons, so beware...
But if you have an eye for design, then I need your opinion!
About six months ago (and after 11 years of marriage) we finally purchased bedroom furniture. Prior to this we literally were using a hand-me-down dresser and a bed frame.
I ABSOLUTELY love our new bedroom furniture! Each piece is classic and simple, not overly traditional or excessively contemporary. It looks like this:
Anywho, I had my eye on a certain duvet and was waiting for it to go on sale. Of course with my luck, I went to look for it and it is no longer available. So I went on a search for something else...and maybe I like these options better. The problem is that I can only buy one!

The "feeling" I want in our master bedroom would be described in a couple of words:
  • Rich (in color and texture)
  • Romantic (of course)
  • Not too feminine or masculine
  • Touch of color (I love reds, sage greens, gold/mustard)
  • Calm, not too busy or ornate
  • My favorite designs are Old World or Tuscan

P.S. If I had (a lot) more resources and a mansion, I would rotate through all different designs. I'd have a bedroom that reminded me of the beach, light and airy with white and blue colors. I'd have a contemporary room with sleek chairs, grey walls, and punches of turquoise. I just like consistency in an average-sized home, my OCD tells me that it flows better this way. Probably wrong, but I'm me, what can I say? Here are the options: I love them all:





Voting is to your left


Heidi Best said...

I voted for # 2 because with a neutral canvas, you can change the look of your room with pillows and coverlets and throws. It is easier to recover some pillows than buying a whole new comforter and sheet set. Plus, I just really like the details of the brown duvet. :)

Reisdorfer Ramblings said...

I like the design and texture of #2, but I think after I while it would have the look like someone just sat on your neatly made bed, however, if you fold it back and put a quilt under it, it would be a different story. Love your bedroom set btw. #1 is my preference.

Maureen said...

I vote for 4 because the rest of your house is pretty neutral. That duvet set says romance and a bit of sizzle to me which is something reserved for the bedroom. And the colors are rich, warm and inviting like a spicy, satisfying meal. Yeah, that about says it all :)

Eardley Fam said...

First of all LOVE your bedroom furniture! Is that the Valencia bed from Pottery Barn? I voted for number 2 because it is a great neutral and you can use pillows/blankets/sheets for punches of color and pattern depending on season or your mood. You give me hope as we have been using my old bedroom furniture from growing up minus a bed frame for our 10 years of marriage!

Jenna said...

I tried the pinch pleat duvet cover from West Elm in white (like the khaki one) and I was disappointed. It was messy looking. Not nearly the look in the picture.

ColleenandKendra said...

I vote for number two. You can switch out pillows to change it up without spending oodles.

Jill said...

I like #2 as well, but if Jenna says it looks messy, that would bug. #3 is really cool, too. It looks really young and fun with all the different patterns.

BTW, I love your furniture, too. Have fun decorating your love nest!

the laytons. said...

I'm in love with #2. I think its very Romantic and i dont think you'd get sick of it anytime soon. :) Good luck choosing! I'm sure whatever you pick you'll love! I LOVE the furniture by the way.. i cant wait to have been married long enough that i can get rid of my hand me downs and buy bedroom furniture!