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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

G-pa and Gran's Visit

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We looked forward all summer to Gran and Grandpa's visit! We love that they can stay a while when they come, it's the only way that makes living so far apart halfway OK.

We have lots of fun while they are here, but do a whole lot of nothing.

I had promised Averie a "Girl's Day" with Gran, so we got our glitter pedicure. Brenna has her Daddy's toes, no doubt about that. Notice the absense of a tan line on their feet, that comes from their Daddy too! haha! I would be able to tell if they had my toes because I have finger toes, meaning my toes are as long as fingers.

We "day camped" at Vedauwoo and I about peed my pants when Cale took the kids up this rock. You can't tell how steep it is. Excuse the fuzzy pics, they were taken with my Dad's phone.

My mom and I finished a few projects while she was here. I will have to write a post on that because we were quite inventive!

Thanks for coming to us Gran and Grandpa! We hope to return the favor in March for Spring Break!

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