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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daddy's Day

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Cale is not much into his own birthday, he is happier if the kids get really into it and each pick out something simple for him. Averie made him a thoughtful coupon book with things like, "free kiss" and "free room clean." Brenna gave Daddy gummy worms (that he let the kids eat right then and he didn't get any). Kempton gave him pizza flavor Doritos (Kempton's favorite).

I made him this coconut cream pie, a combination of a few recipes. And looking at these pictures, I think I need to make another one really soon!!! Because we aren't big fans of cake, and Cale is not a big sweets person (but does have a weakness for coconut and banana cream pies), I go the unconventional route for his birthdays. Cale always says that the "best birthday gift I could give him is to not spend any money on him". And after many years of marriage, I finally believe him. And our parents have learned this as well. They usually give him gift certificates for food (because they don't think it's right to not get him ANYTHING).

I gave him a very special birthday present that was for free, but I'm not going to go into that quite yet (and it's NOT what you are thinking!) ;)

Happy 35th Birthday Cale! We love you!

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