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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kempton's Boo Boo

Pin It Several weeks ago, we were all walking out of church when all the sudden I look back to find blood gushing from Kempton's eyebrow. Actually, I didn't know where it was coming from.

It became quite the scene, with me taking him over to the grass and holding his wound with my bare hand while Cale ran to the first aid kit. Cale and I were loudly discussing the situation back and forth from the car to the church grounds. Of course as Kempton's mother, I was not doing the best job of remaining calm while Cale was the opposite and not at all thinking it was a big deal.

In my past experiences with my husband, I have learned that he does not believe in stitches. Many years ago, I had a dumb experience at a bowling alley where I smacked my head into the bowling ball shelf and cut my forehead open. It was definitely deep enough for stitches, but "somebody" said it wasn't bad enough (I think he was mostly focused on the hilariousness of the situation surrounding the cut). Lesson learned, now I have a scar where maybe it would have been non-existent. Looking on the bright side, some day it will most likely just blend in with my wrinkles.

Moving on, poor Kempton had a pretty bad boo boo. Luckily the pediatrician in town goes to our church and is a friend. She offered to meet us at her office and super glue it (with the official super glue stuff Doctors use). What a lifesaver this was! He was glued up in no time, without any needles.

Kempton was a trooper and after a few weeks, he's all healed up! The funny thing is that he no longer has an eyebrow. He basically got a wax job when the glue was ripped off!

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Chelsea said...

Poor boy. With us I'm the one that stays calm and Shawn is freaking out.