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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Conference Crepes

Pin It Every six months we look forward to hearing from some special speakers. We feel inspired and guided, ready to face the trials and joys of life for the next six months.

I try with all my might to make it special for the kids (because it is 8 hours of straight listening to speakers). We do activities, crafts, and eat yummy food. We can even stay in our PJs for some of it!

We began the tradition of "Conference Crepes." We make them like Cale's family with pie filling, bananas, and lemon juice on the inside. Then whipped cream and powdered sugar on the outside. Basically, it's dessert for breakfast. This gives me a little anxiety, but of course I couldn't refuse a few myself!

You will have to excuse my camera. Anyone know why my lighting is always fuzzy when I take pictures in this direction? I had my cousin take pictures in this very same angle with her camera and they turned out just fine!

1 comment:

ColleenandKendra said...

Yummy crepes! And I think your lighting issue is the bright window behind the kiddos. Your camera can't adjust with that light behind the kiddos.