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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seven going on Sixteen

Pin It Since the parentals decided not to do any friend parties this year, we knew we had to make sure their birthdays were just as special. I think we pulled it off just fine (and are thinking of doing the no friend party year more often).

Averie liked Kemptons early morning celebrations so much that she decided she wanted the same thing. The only difference is that she wanted waffles instead of pancakes. I think she just wanted to open her present first thing before school! The morning started out with presents from Dad, Mom, and brother and sister. She was really hoping for dangly earrings since it has been a year since she got her ears pierces. She was also secretly hoping for more American Girl Doll clothes, which Gran and Grandpa gave.

I brought in icing-filled cupcakes to her school the day of her birthday, which was a fun treat. She enjoyed being the center of attention for about 15 minutes.

Then we headed off to Cheyenne that evening(because we go there all too often these days to pick up car parts and to go to Home Depot). Grandma watched the two little ones while we took Averie to Sonic (her choice) for her birthday dinner. She could have gone anywhere but she chose Sonic for a corndog and sour apple slushy!

A very unexpected end to the evening came when Grandma Perriton gave Averie her ballerina quilt. When we first moved here 2 years ago, Averie chose fabric from Grandma's amazing sewing room (floor to wall shelves of fabric, no joke!). Grandma spoiled Averie with this fun surprise! You can't see it very well, but this precious quilt has real tutus sewn on each ballerina.

By the way, what 7-year-old wants a globe for her birthday?!?! Not me at that age. Plus an Atlas and encyclopedia book. She is her father's daughter!

Averie had a great birthday and proved to us that life goes by too quickly. Our baby is growing up too fast. There is just something about your first baby, where every memory is imprinted in your mind and heart. After the first, the memories need to be written down, but with our firstborn we remember every detail. It is a joy to be Averie's Mom, I hope she doesn't get too smart for her mommy, or too talented and amazing! :) She better remember me when she's famous!

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