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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Uncle Chad's Visit

Pin It A while back, my older brother Chad called me up with the offer to come and help us finish up our yard (and of course to visit). I suggested that he bring his oldest, Brett to come spend time with the cousins. I know Chad has a special place in his heart for where we live, he spent time here on his mission. He wasn't able to go to Vedauwoo while serving, so we took him to roast marshmallows and climb the rocks.

While the Daddy's worked their #$*-es off, Brett and Kempton spent all day every day on the mini 4-wheeler. Seriously, like 10 hours straight. The two projects worked on were to finish the fence and sprinkler system. A lot of work for just 3 days and 2 men! But they worked super hard and it got done. All we had left to do was to lay the sod and finish the fence gate.

But most importantly, we got to spend time with Chad and Brett on our turf, let them live our lives for a day. I think it's helpful to have a picture in your head of where your loved ones live when you live long distances like I do from my family. It was also sweet to have Brett here, creating those cousin bonds!

Chad and I are notorious for staying up too late talking, and I think we did this maybe 1 night, but the other nights we were all too exhausted from working and hit the sack early.

We had a fabulous weekend and are so appreciative that Chad came to help us out. I don't think our yard would have been complete to this point without his help (or a lot of financial output). We loved having him and cousin Brett!!!

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