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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boy or Girl Profile...That is the question

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Over Thanksgiving break we had our halfway ultrasound. Baby looks healthy and has all fingers and toes. But we decided (again) not to find out whether our baby is a girl or boy. Cale feels very strongly about this decision, and when he has a strong opinion about things pertaining to our life and family, I usually just give in. He doesn't usually have strong opinions about this kind of stuff so I didn't protest.

I have learned to love the surprise. It was really fun with Brenna, but I knew all along that she was a she so when she came out I thought to myself, "Well...duh." So did Averie, she would not let us even consider even saying there was a possibility that Brenna was a brother or consider boy names.

This time around, Brenna is very adamant that we are having a BOY, so we will see. I'm not feeling anything either way, which is strange because I've always had that mother's intuition for the previous three and totally knew before. Or maybe this time it's because I think having a boy would be too perfect (it would be nice to even things out) so I tell myself it's a girl so I am happy either way. My happiness comes when I see a healthy baby, definitely not something to take for granted.

Amazingly, we have decided on both a girl and boy name. As well as middle names! That's the hardest part of not finding out: you have to think of two names that you love. I guess there's still time to change our minds, but at least we have a name for both girl and boy that we agree upon!

Oh did I do this before? I think everything changes for baby housing in your thirties. And each pregnancy is a little harder than the previous. My mom was my age when she had her last, I remember that like is was yesterday because I was nine. She seemed so young! How did my Granny have her fifth baby at age 42?

Regardless of it all, I love feeling this baby inside and look forward to meeting him/her in April. I have 20 weeks to go, or I'm guessing about 18 since I've never made it to my due date.

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MELVA meets CLAY said...

I love you sister and i am thrilled that you get to have another one. most of all i am so thrilled that i am able to have this miracle 1 and we can have little ones so close together. :)