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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Pin It My parents came for Thanksgiving this year. A few years ago they were in San Antonio without any of their children or grandchildren for Thanksgiving. This was lonely for them, and they decided they would never let that happen again. So they have been trading off traveling to each of us kids every year! We love it! This year they traded their 80-degree weather for our 20 something that week.

Averie takes piano lessons via web cam from my Mom. It is hard for me to pay for anyone else because my Mom is the best piano/organ teacher I know. Seriously...THE BEST! So creative, passionate, and her theory is beyond comparison. She is an amazing teacher. Anyway, for now it is working great. When she comes to visit, she tries to get in as many lessons with Averie as possible, on a real piano at our church. They performed a Christmas duet while Brenna and Kempton did a few actions to go along.

My mom and I worked on several projects while she was here. They are a surprise so I can't divulge. I recently bought my first real sewing machine, it took me this long to decide that I needed one. It has been nice to have on hand.

When I was about 7-8 I got my first sewing machine for Christmas. It was miniature but actually works, with a pedal and everything. It's been in a bin somewhere downstairs and I finally brought it out for Averie while my Mom was here. She was SO excited! My Mom and her worked together on a miniature quilt. They finished the front side, but Averie asked her other Grandma if she would help her with the back side. This little "Grandma Quilt" will be priceless when it is finished!

Cale's work on a year-long service project came to an end while my parents were here. They presented this beautiful truck to the wife of a fallen soldier. You can read the heartfelt story here. Or you can watch it on the Denver News here.

I didn't get any pictures of actual Thanksgiving, but we usually go to Wyotech during the day to help serve the Wyotech students and their families who come for Thanksgiving. The meal is really delicious, even catered, so we of course counted that as our Thanksgiving dinner. We took home some leftovers and made a yummy Thanksgiving casserole to serve for when Sondra, Paul, Joey and Sondra's friend Kristen came for dinner. We had a great evening!

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