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Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Christmas Day

Pin It I'm almost exactly a month behind on my family posts. But feel the need to make sure that I try to catch up while our life happenings are fresh in my mind. I'm still working on our 2007 scrapbook (through, a site that is capable of transferring blogs into scrapbook form) and am so glad I have been blogging the past 5 years because I can't remember the details.

Our Christmas morning started off around 7:30 am. Before they can peek to see if Santa came, the tradition continues where the children must come and wake us (tired) parents up by singing Christmas carols. Our job as parents is to drag the process out (which drove me CRAZY as a kid)! Here's the lineup:

While the monkey bread baked, we opened Santa presents from youngest to oldest.

Santa brought Brenna a Dollhouse, which she has played with every day since. Brenna is our (only) child who plays with each and every one of her toys. She loves everything girly, including dolls, dollclothes, barbies, kitchen, dressups, Polly Pockets, My Little Ponies, Fisher Price Little People, etc! She spends most of her days in a make-believe world, spreading out most of her toys all over the house.

As for Kempton, he is obsessed with Legos and spends his afternoons building each of his sets to perfection. He divides all the parts into piles of what he needs and builds in an organized fashion. He also got a few drawing books and a game. And he needed Sunday shoes in a bad way. He was impressed that Santa knew he LOVES Doritos!

Averie is growing up and really wanted "fashion boots" as she calls them. Santa also brought her a canopy bed and table with chairs for her American Girl Doll. She got a real miniature American Girl Doll too.

After Santa presents, we opened our stockings then enjoyed some yummy Monkey Bread, but mostly the kids wanted their usual breakfast of oatmeal or cold cereal. So I threw out half of it because if not, I would eat it all!

We then opened the presents from under the tree. We gave them each their own robe to hopefully help the lack of modesty issue in our home! hehe

Our family present this year was a much-needed piano. Of course I want a REAL piano, but we needed something portable in the meantime until our basement is finished. Then Cale will risk his life to bring a real piano downstairs.

This year Cale got me a body pillow (which was so very thoughtful) and he got a much-needed industrial wet/dry vacuum for the continuing home-improvement projects. Grandparents spoiled us all this year, and we were especially shocked to receive an HP tablet from Gran and Grandpa. It is my new addiction!

Kempton got a shave kit in his stocking and wanted to experiment right away!

We had a calm, relaxed, and happy morning. I felt such peace during our Christmas festivities, and felt tremendous love for my family. I kept picturing us next year with one more little person in the mix. Our month was very hectic and busy for me, but worth all the efforts.

We then headed to church for a musical program. It was a great way to mentally put the excitement of presents aside and focus on the meaning of the season.

After church, we webcamed Gran and Grandpa and then headed to Cheyenne for a family Christmas dinner.

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