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Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Beginning

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I really do love January. It is a time for new beginnings, where I resolve to be better and do better. I rarely accomplish all of my New Year's Resolutions, but do hope that I am at least making progress each year.

The goals that are especially hard for me are the intangible kind, the kind that are impossible to measure. Here are a few of my tangible= Monthly dates with hubby, Get caught up on family pictures, albums, and digital scrapbooks, Be able to play from the Children's Songbook and Hymns on the piano. And here are a few of my intangible= Discpline children without raising voice, Listen for Revelation, Give more of myself outside of my Family. The intangible goals are harder for me to accomplish for some reason.

Now, here's a little something that may surprise you. I never make lofty physical goals during pregnancy. I find that it is not helpful to put that kind of pressure on myself. If I eat healthful and exercise consistentely, then this is sufficient. And usually after pregnancy my focus is more about developing a good milk supply and getting enough sleep to function, so I decided to forgo the fitness goal this year.

Other than pregancy (and a few months after) I do make physical goals. My goals have included running a certain race(s) at a certain time, getting to a certain fat-percentage, etc. In making fitness goals, my suggestion is to be realistic, knowing that it is best to make smaller, more tangible goals. For example, if you know you have 50 pounds to lose, start with "My goal is to lose 5 pounds the month of January." And then outline how you plan to reach this goal.

Here's an example of how specific your fitness goal should be:

"I plan to lose 5 pounds the month of January by... writing down everything I eat, staying within 1500 calories each day, not eating after 7:00 pm, only eating sweets on the weekends, eating a healthful breakfast every morning, and committing to 200 minutes of vigorous cardiovascular exercise each week. If I slip one day, I promise to try harder and do better the next day."

We each made resolutions the first week of January. For me, it helps if I announce (confess) my goals to at least my family. This way I am held accountable and my loved ones can keep me in line. So we went around and shared our goals for 2012, starting with Rosie (word for word). For the sake of his privacy it is probably best that I not divulge the hubby's goals. Ha!


1) Be nicer to Kempton and Averie

2) Be good to Daddy and Mommy

3) Do my jobs without complaining


1) Be good to Mom and Dad


Translation: I'll be good at listening the first time


Translation: I'm working at getting on time to school


1) Get better at sewing

2) Get better at piano

3) Get better at being nice

4) Better at handstands

5) Better at Opera!

What are your fitness/weight loss/nutritional goal this year and how do you plan to accomplish them? How is this year going to be different than past years? Let me know how I can help you!


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Danielle said...

I love new years goals and usually make a lot of them! This year Chad and I are becoming vegetarian and trying to do yoga every morning before work and school.

Washington Hills said...

I needed this post! Thank you!!!