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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Christmas Eve

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We had a lovely Christmas Eve just with our little (growing) family.

Once it got dark, we piled into the car to go see the Christmas lights. The kids love the Courthouse where there are lights dancing to the music.

We came home to our traditional sun-dried tomato pasta dinner. This year we had multi-colored carrots and I MADE rolls (very unlike me to bake bread, but oh-so-delish).

After dinner we had a little music/scripture reading program to go along with our Nativity puppets. It was so sweet to sing together all the reverent Christmas carols as a family.

Then we opened our Christmas Pajamas. Here's the baby bump at 23 weeks.

I made the kids' pajama pants this year, along with matching PJs for their favorite stuffed animal (Kempton) and dolls. Thanks Mom for being a patient teacher and for supporting me in this decision to finally become domesticated.

The evening was almost over with our traditional "Twas the Night Before Christmas" story (Mary Engelbreit version, love it!).

Then as I was tucking the children in, we heard Santa's bells outside the window. Usually this is a motivation to hurry and fall asleep as quickly as possible because Santa only comes when he sees all the lights are off in the neighborhood. But this year when the bells rang, we had one scared little Rosie. And I mean terrified! She cried and didn't want a strange fat man entering her home. I don't know why the bells triggered this response (because she liked the idea all month long), but it took us a while to explain that Santa is a nice man and if she wants any presents, we have to let him in. We assured her Daddy and Mommy were here and that all is well. She had to talk and think this through before falling fast asleep...

And then Santa came!!!

And brought Daddy the biggest present!

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MELVA N. CLAY said...

I loved the Christmas pajamas you did. are turning into mom ;) meant that in a good way with the sewing and what not hehe. and by the way, remember when I was at your house years back and I rang those bells! wow..that was hillarious. love you!