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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Preparations

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Gearing up for Christmas, there was a lot of:

Christmas Card sending and receiving
Treats and yummy food tasting

Gift mailing

Christmastime Book Reading

Party Going

Kempton's intent on winning

Averie's teacher asked me to make gingerbread cookies, GINORMOUS gingerbread cookies.

Brenna's preschool party

Make Believing

Gingerbread House Building

and Wish List Writing

Mii wish list by Kempton (translated by Daddy)

Ii wot presis ii no ii ben meen to mii sisr but ii wot presis

(I want presents I know I've been mean to my sister but I want presents)

I wot for crsmis is u noo ligos

(I want for Christmas is a new legos)

Ad mii on tee fee

(And my own TV)

Ad u bree ted gun

(And a pretend gun)

And mii uon bag uv sees

(And my own bag of seeds)

That is ol

(That is all)

My Note to Santa by Averie

Dear Santa,

I think I have been good and here is my wish list:

Cabbage patch kid (any kind)

Furry Friend (pepper)

New earrings

Now to the stocking stuff:


Fruit flavored candycanes

Where is Waldo Book

Tell Oliver I will miss him.

Sincerely, Averie

And FYI, Oliver is an Elf that visits us every December to keep tabs on the kids for Santa.

One more thing. Santa delivered about 10% of what was wished for! Seeds were definitely out o the question. Haha!

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