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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Shortcake Turned 4!!!

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Once again time has flown by, to the point that our youngest turned four. She definitely acts old enough to be four, but we admit we have babied our baby. She won't be our baby much longer so we don't regret it. hehe
Here are a few things about Brenna that I don't want to forget but probably will:

*I love how when you are thinking really hard or trying to make a decision, you tap your fingers on your lips, and look up in the air. We have all started copying you when we think, even Daddy and Mommy.

*You say "Gubblebum" instead of "Bubblegum." We don't want to correct you.

*She is a fashionista Diva and are very particular about everything you wear. You have to look "pretty" but it's your own definition of pretty. For example, not a fan of sweats or jeans because they "look like a boy." And definitely won't wear blue.

*She loves to play house, mommy, dollhouse or anything girly for hours and hours. She plays in her room and are so quiet that I have to check on her to make sure she is OK.

*She can't say her "R," "L", "TH, " or "SW" sounds. For example, she says "Fwimming" for "Swimming."
*She tells me she "can't hurry" when we need to rush out the door.

*She doesn't want anything for breakfast except for shredded wheat or cheerios. No oatmeal, pancakes, eggs, etc.

*She makes the same quirky noise as me when she scratches your throat.

*She is the first of our children to crawl into bed with us in the morning to snuggle

*She's just as bad as her brother when it comes to potty talk
*She loves the idea of kitties and doggies but when around them, is apprehensive like her Mom

*She talks about the baby in my tummy constantly and hugs and kisses my belly numerous times a day. She has lots of detailed questions about how the baby come out, eat, and poop.

*She is still a feisty little red head and keeps everyone in line. In our house, we call that "Spunky." But she is very shy around people she doesn't know.

Usually around your birthday, I reflect on all the feelings I had when we found out you would be joining our family. We were nervous, overwhelmed, and shocked to have another baby so soon after having your older brother. But, we have seen the hand of our Heavenly Father and know that He slipped you into our perfectly planned life. I love how you and your brother are so close in age and will always have each other, along with your older sister who isn't quite 3 1/2 years older than you. You have brought nothing but pure joy and love into our family and we know you came to our family at the right time.

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The day before your party, I attempted to make a strawberry cake from scratch, but it didn't turned out and sunk due to the altitude. The batter was delicious however!
Strawberry shortcake of course needs curly red hair!

This "vintage" Strawberry Shortcake costume arrived just in time from San Antonio. Thanks Mom! Here's a picture of me in the same outfit at the same age. I think Brenna looks more like the part:

Goody bags were filled with Strawberry Shortcake suckers, lip gloss, and band aids. Plus a whoopie cushion for the boys.

These strawberry floats were delish!

We played pop the balloon,
Strawberry Shortcake Pinata

and pin the strawberry on the patch

The boys table

Fun friends