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Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's that time again!

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Every six months, we get to listen to the leaders of our church.  It is 8-10 hours of inspired words, motivating us to get focused again on what really matters in life.  We stay in our jammies for most of it and I try to prevent naughtiness by preparing a few fun activities. 

We had our traditional conference crepes on Sunday morning, which has been something we all look forward to.  It's like dessert for breakfast!  This year I did something similar to this and this.  But only on Sunday.  For Saturday, we are much less rigid in our expectations.  Which usually means that I'm the only one who is actually listening!  haha  This year Averie listened to most of it with me on Saturday, a decision all on her own and I was very proud of her. 

Here's a Sunday shot of Averie using Kempton as her pillow:

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