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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kinlee's Blessing Day

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Kinlee's blessing was such a beautiful day, one of our best yet.

Look at all the support and love we received from our family on this special day: 

I felt such an overwhelming confirmation of eternal families and the power of the priesthood when all of the men in our family were able to take part in Kinlee's blessing circle.  We were so appreciative of all the efforts made from our family (near and far) to attend Kinlee's blessing and spend time with us that day. 
 Kinlee remained calm during her blessing from Daddy.

Kinlee with Gran and Grandpa.  I love how my parents are beaming! 

We served lunch to about 50 of our family and friends after church at Wyotech's student lounge.  The menu included pulled pork sandwiches, lots of fruit and vegetables, bean and corn dip plus chip dip, orange fluff, and chocolate and almond sheet cakes.  A big thanks to my Mom for all her help and service.  I wouldn't have been able to fill everyone's bellies without her!

I wasn't able to capture any pictures of Kinlee in her dress the day of her blessing, so I dressed Kinlee in her blessing dress a few weeks later.   

1 comment:

ColleenandKendra said...

she has the sweetest smile! How do you get anything done all day? I'd just want to stare at her and make her smile!