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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Vacation: Vegas

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Our main vacation this summer was our family reunion in San Diego.  We were gone for a total of 14 days!  We split up the driving so it was much easier, especially with a 6-week old baby.  It definitely helped that Cale finished our new (to us) van right before the trip.  I'm loving our return to a mini van and can't believe I went without it for a couple of years! 

Our first stop was to Utah.  We then caravan ed with my sister and brother's families for a stop in Vegas.  We stayed at Circus Circus where the kids had a blast with cousins and at the carnival.  Averie is such a thrill-seeker and went on this super scary roller coaster with Uncle Shawn and Daddy. 

We realized throughout this trip that we were about 20 minutes behind everyone at each stop and for every event.  It was pretty difficult trying to get our family of six out the door with a newborn.  And little Kinlee required so much gear just for her little self!  Luckily my family was patient with us and razzed us a little.  :)

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