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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just as close to 40 as 30

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Cale has reached yet another milestone (ahead of me).  It's good for me to observe how he handles each of these milestones because then when they sneak upon me, it is less traumatic.  For him, aging is no big deal, just another day "Livin' the Dream" as he would say.  

Daddy's big present was a new wardrobe for our upcoming trip to Orlando.  Or at least he counted that as his present and when he tells me "I don't want anything," he means it. 
But I cheated a bit by having the kids get him a little something. 
You see, they know how frightened he is of snakes so they thought it would be HILARIOUS to get him a rubber snake for his birthday.  And they got JUST the reaction they wanted! 
 (I have let Averie do her hair all summer...can you tell? haha)
His assistant and secretary gathered all the ladies at work to put together a surprise party and lunch.  There is NO way I would get away with doing what they did, he has warned me many times to NEVER EVER throw him a birthday and I believe him.  But it meant a lot to him, enough that he called me to bring the kids over.  All the ladies told me that he turned BEET red when he arrived to work that morning!!! 
Brenna got him black licorice, his yucky favorite.  Kempton got him salami, jalapeno spread and crackers.  He is stuck on the fact that Daddy loooooves jalapenos. 

His smile says it all!

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Washington Hills said...

Dave loved seeing these pictures. Don't you love when are amazing husbands are also amazing dads that pretend to be scared of rubber snakes?! That made my day! Happy Birthday!