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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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We haven't made nearly as many trips this summer to Vedauwoo because of the fire ban throughout the state of Wyoming.  Usually we count our day trips as camping, make tin foil dinners and roast some marshmallows for smores.  The key component to all of these camping essentials is fire! 
It is still beautiful up there and we still managed to go up with our friends and have some fun.  Not only did we have fun, we came across a mama and baby moose.  They were blocking our hike on the trail and we didn't dare get in her way!  These are the every day things we come across in good ol' Wyoming. 

Look at these darling little red heads

I think my husband is funny

Averie was acting the part of "Her Royal Highness" and barking orders to all of her servants.  This is the face that a queen makes I guess. 

 Kempton and Milan testing the rock to see if it will fall on them.

Me and Amanda
I sware someday I will lose the baby my face!  haha  

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