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Monday, August 13, 2012

Spoiled Fishermen

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 Fishing is all about patience, but our kids are never going to believe that when they easily catch more than 7 fish in about 45 minutes!  Each year, our town holds a fishing derby where they stock the pond full of fish and the kids get to compete.  Kempton LOVES fishing and begs Daddy to take him almost every day. 

This day everyone caught at least three fish, we let all but seven go.  Daddy had the wonderful opportunity of gutting them out, and I grilled them and de-boned them to make fish tacos.  It's kind of gross, and we decided that we much prefer buying our fish individually wrapped an frozen from Sams! 

Kempton didn't mind holding the slimy suckers

The girls were not as interested to touch them, but they loved the thrill of catching them.

Kempton's prize catches

How will they ever enjoy fishing if they ever have to wait  for the catch? 
We love the Fishing Derby because it introduces them to the fun and excitement of fishing!

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