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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Smiliest Of All

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Miss Kinlee is so incredibly smiley, probably the smiliest of all smiley.  She will smile at anyone and everyone, you smile at her and she will instantly smile back.  Usually her smile will provoke her entire body into a spastic smile.  She just can't help it!  It is extremely rewarding as a Mommy to receive her uninhibited constant smiles on a continual basis.  She smiles in the morning, during the night, while she is feeding, always at bath time, of course during her diaper change, in the middle of crying, in her car seat, and at strangers in line at Walmart.  Her smiles provoke the most manliest of men wherever we go to enter into a high-pitched baby talk as she smiles away. 

Kinlee turned three-months-old and continues to be such a ray of sunshine.  She is quite the bionic baby, and started rolling over at just over three months.  She doesn't get annoyed on her tummy and will stay in that position for a long time!  She loves to get attention with her voice and will make loud noises so that we will notice her.  Kinlee continues to sleep well, usually feeding only once in the night.  We love her little double chin, chin dimple, and adorable cheek dimples.  Her hair continues to be brown with red highlights.  Her eyes are still an undetermined color.  She is growing out of her 0-3 month clothing, which makes me sad, but she is growing healthy and strong.  She is starting to belly laugh, which is so fun for Daddy.  We tote her around town, she loves to be outside with us enjoying the summer weather.  She is getting less fragile and the kids love to sit her up and talk to her because they always get an adorable reaction.  Kinlee continues to spit up constantly, but doesn't seem bothered by it.  She rarely cries, even when she's hungry.  She is such a mellow little girl and we love her sweetness.   

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Peterson's said...

so fun, It makes me want Kobi to get bigger! for many reasons, the smiles, the laughs, and especially only eating once a night! (while up constantly wondering if I will ever sleep again!) Kinlee's little body looks like callies did. She even had the wrist roll that would never connect all the way around. But its weird how are kids faces look NOTHING a like.