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Monday, September 10, 2012


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Our only boy turned six on September 2nd. 
I love your engineer mind and how talented you are at building things. 
I love your red hair, brown eyes, and itty bitty freckles.
I love your thousands of questions.
I love your tender spirit.
I love your need for organization and cleanliness.
I love your preference of "water with ice" above all other beverages.
I love your sweetness with your baby sister, Kinlee.
I love your obedience.
I love your literal thinking.
I love your love for all things fast, your 4-wheeler and dirt bike. 
I love your raspy voice. 
I love your snuggles. 
Since his birthday was on a Sunday this year, the birthday celebrations started on Saturday with our traditional eating out with just the parentals (and baby this year).  Kempton chose Corona Village so that he could have all the chips and hot salsa he wanted.   He LOVES chips and has a thing for spicy foods.  Cale and I get a kick out of forcing him to talk to us, he is so used to having his sisters around that I think it's weird for him to receive our undivided attention. 
Kempton requested crepes for breakfast the next morning, which took a lot of planning on my part since church is at 9:00 am.  But it was worth it and he gobbled up two of them.
After church he opened up presents from Grandpas and Grandpas, along with sisters and Dad and Mom.

Kempton is hard to buy for, because he doesn't really clue us into things that he likes, and his only passion is for Legos.  He's not an "I want! I want!" kind of kid.  But he was very excited about all of his presents (Webkinz and Coloring Book from sisters, Ladybug Habitat from Dad and Mom, Legos/Angry Birds Piggy Bank/Zoom-Os from Grandpa and Grandma, Candy and Big Back Yard subscription from Gran and Grandpa, plus a little gift from our Home Teacher).  

He requested stuffed shells for dinner, along with broccoli served on the You Are Special plate.
He then requested Chocolate Cream Pie for Dessert.  He really does take his food seriously. 

Happy Birthday Kempton!  We love You!


Anonymous said...

He is just adorable! Love the pictures :)


Jill said...

I remember meeting your cute red-haired baby boy when he was just brand new.. It kills me how fast these kids grow up!