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Monday, September 10, 2012

{It runs in the Family}

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Poor Kempton is surrounded by women most of the time.  He needed a way to release some of that pent up boy energy and escape from all the girly-ness he is constantly exposed to.  Daddy was so excited to give him his very first motocross bike and as you can see below, Kempton couldn't be happier.  He is continuing the Perriton motocross tradition.

Cale is very clever and quick with the rhymes, he came up with the cutest treasure hunt.  Here is one of the clues:

Geared up and ready to go.
He immediately got the hang of it.
Daddy just HAD to give it a whirl!
We took his bike home where he can ride up and down the field and ridge right outside our front door.  It is such a fun activity for he and Daddy to do together.  Cale gets his exercise by chasing him all around.   

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