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Thursday, September 13, 2012

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After a full summer, it is now time to buckle down for school.  Kempton has been more than ready to start Kindergarten, and I have been nothing but excited for him.  I feel very grateful I had almost one extra year with him at home.  Kempton was very nonchalant about his first week of school and acted like it was no biggy.  He's definitely a boy with little drama [good thing because I'm sure we've got plenty more of that coming with three girls!].   

He chose to wear his Broncos shirt for this special occasion.

 Averie is all grown up as she enters 2nd grade this year.

The "long" walk to school.

We got a new principal at our school and she greeted each child as they entered.  A good sign if you ask me! [We had such a great principal but I think she may be able to meet our expectations.]
The second day of school, Cale came home for lunch and told me that it seemed kind of lonely around here.  I agreed, but there is a time and season for everything.  It may even mean that Kinlee can get on a routine and I can do a little spring fall cleaning.

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