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Monday, September 17, 2012

[Swim at Your Own Risk]

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Kempton usually doesn't request/want/beg for things so when he asked for a pool party, I was a little taken back.  Not wanting to squash his dreams, the planning began.  And since he is slightly obsessed with sharks, this theme was the perfect fit for a swimming party! 

 (Custom Shark Attack! Party Pack is available at my etsy shop.  Check it out!)

Kempton invited his close friends and their siblings.  We spent most of the time swimming.

We then ate pizza and shark cupcakes.

Sang a little Happy Birthday song.
Opened some presents [this kid was SPOILED]!

And each kid left with some "shark bait." 
aka Goldfish, Swedish Fish, Sour Octopus, and Salt Water Taffy

[Here are the little bag tags]

Kempton is still talking about his Shark Party.  It was a fun day for him, which makes this mother's efforts worth it.

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