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Friday, November 9, 2012

I Love This Face

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I can't tell you how much I love this little face.  Kinlee Coo is now six-months-old and at such a FUN stage!  Being the baby person I am, I love each and every stage (and mourn each and every stage) but six-months-old is just so incredibly rewarding. 

When I see this chubby kissable face my heart leaps, it's almost painful, and I just can't get enough. 

Her eyes are so bright and big.  She definitely expresses all emotion through her wide eyes.  I think all my babies look more like me (and then evolve to look a lot like Daddy), but Kinlee definitely takes the cake as looking the most like her Mama.

At six months, Kinlee is sooooo busy.  It has been hard for me to capture her in a photo because she won't sit still for two seconds to get a good shot. She is constantly on the go and her mind is working a mile a minute.  She is an expert crawler and sitter and moves all over the house.  I spend most of my days making sure she doesn't pick anything up off the floor to choke on.  In 10 seconds flat, she can make her way from one end of the house to the other.  Kinlee and Brenna play together and Brenna will either follow her around, or Kinlee with follow Brenna.  It melts my heart.  

Kinlee loves to eat, her favorites are nursing (of course), rice cereal, squash, sweet potatoes, and pears.  I'm loving that handy dandy baby bullet! 
She has definitely outgrown her swing and bouncer.  We are on to real baby toys and traveling all over the house. 
I know she wants to nurse when she starts doing her little cough.  She literally starts fake coughing as a cue for me to feed her.  She also babbles really loud when she wants attention from people, and when they give it to her, her smile explodes.  It's so funny!
Her two bottom teeth have come through and are growing. 
She is sleeping through the night most nights and shares a room with big brother (It just took one night of "teaching" while Daddy was away on business).  She loves her bed, and doesn't sleep very long in her car seat.  She is a great napper as long as she is safe and sound in her crib. 
She still doesn't love to snuggle, but lucky for me she loves to nurse so we get lots of snuggle time in that way.  She does, however, love to be held.  Especially when we read her baby stories. 

She gets the most excited when she hears Daddy's voice when he comes home from work.  She is a Daddy's girl and loves to sit in Daddy's "arm chair" as we call it. 
These 6 months have literally flown by, and I hope to be able to savor each stage. 

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