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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cleanse Discoveries

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With one day under our belt, I have already discovered a few things, and it seems as though you have too. 

1)  The (above) lunch time smoothie is my least favorite.  I think because of the consistency.  It is more like soup due to all of the vegetables and fruit with only 1/2 cup of liquid.  I think for the rest of the cleanse I will eat the celery and blend the rest.  I don't have a problem with that.

2)  The morning smoothie was of course my favorite, and the dinner smoothie was very confusing to my palette.  Not sure how I felt about the cayenne pepper.  I loved it and hated it at the same time. 

2)  I've gotten several comments from you about how your bowels are definitely being cleansed.  This is normal, and part of the cleansing process.  You can see why a cleanse is healthy for your gut and colon.  I've noticed absolutely no bloating last night and this morning.  Yeah!

3)  Because I am a night owl, I got really REALLY hungry at around 10:30 pm.  I can't remember the last time I felt that hungry.  I think I will go to bed earlier tonight just to avoid feeling that way. 

4)  Try to follow the regime exactly.  Do not add other things to the smoothie, and try to finish it all even if it takes all afternoon. 

5)  I exercised yesterday (ran), which made me totally ready for the afternoon snack.  Be aware that if you exercise, you will probably feel completely famished.  Between that and staying up late, I was really looking forward to morning when I could finally drink my breakfast smoothie.

6)  I had several people ask about the amount of calories for this cleanse, so I did a few calculations:

                 Breakfast:  311
                 Lunch:  313
                 Dinner:  333
                 favorite smoothie snack:  311-333
                 total calories:  between 1268-1290

7)  All day I looked forward to the salt and lavender bath, be sure to reward yourself this way.  It is the best part!

8)  It is such a wonderful feeling to have control over our bodies.  There is nothing better than the feeling that comes with mind over matter.  Knowing that you are capable of this (and so much more).

9)  This way of eating on a regular basis would not be considered "healthy."  There is not enough protein or grains.  There are enough calories if you want to lose weight, but even then, your body needs additional protein and complex carbohydrates from grain.  Even for weight loss, you never want to go below 1200 calories.  There are definitely not enough calories if you are maintaining your weight.  But if you added all of those things (protein, carbohydrates, unsaturated fat) to parts of the cleanse, it would be the perfect diet.  So many fruits and vegetables that are loaded with antioxidants and fiber! 

10)  What did you discover?  I want to know.  Comments are encouraged! 

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