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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kinlee says "Hi"

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Kinlee turned 10 months and is at such a fun stage.  We can't imagine life without our little baby.
She is eating finger foods and loves to get it all in her hair.
She calls down to Daddy in the basement while he is working.  She will yell down to him, and he will copy her and yell back up to him.  They will do this for hours.

Lately she has been doing this quirky smile, like she is trying to hold it in.  It looks like this:

And she is into ev-er-y-thing and puts anything in her mouth!  I must follow her around everywhere or else she will hurt herself.

 She is so efficient at crawling (like super duper fast) that she hasn't started walking yet, but brother and sisters like to walk her around the house. She can stand up for a few seconds and then reverts back to the comfort of all fours.
She has five teeth!  The top three are poking through in this picture.  She has been a little miserable in the evenings, but nothing that a little Tylenol won't fix.

She has a sense of humor and is such a big tease.  And look at that butt chin just like her Mama!

I love her big beautiful hazel eyes.  She will stare at people with them.  For long periods of time.  Can you imagine if we as adults stared at each other that way?  That would be awkward.

She says "Hi" and "Mama" and Daddy" 

She is such a ham, is so loud, and adventurous.  We think her personality is similar to Averie's so far.  Unless she is in front of strangers, then she gets shy and expressionless.  As a baby, Averie did this same thing and it confused us because she was so outgoing, smiley, and crazy at home.  Just give her a few minutes and she does come out of her shell. 
Our little baby is turning into a toddler, and I'm not sure how I feel about it!  So funny on one hand, but so busy on the other.  Luckily she is still nursing so I get a few snuggles in. 

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Nichole Critchfield said...

Kinlee is absolutely adorable! Her brown hair amazes me! Who would have thought that my only child would be a red head, meanwhile, you have a burnette! LOVE her little muppet mouth still:) We wish we could get together more often and have playdates with our little ones, but in due time (as dad says haha) She is so cute and it freaks me out how much your kids look alike haha. Love you! <3