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Friday, September 6, 2013


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We all headed to Denver for Sondra and Paul's sealing.  It was a beautiful and inspired ceremony and so nice to be together.  I love this family who I married into.  We all went to Cinzettis afterward, and I over indulged on some Italian cuisine.  

This was such a whirlwind weekend for us and Summer's family.  We somehow managed to get seven kids eight and under out our door by 8:00 am two mornings in a row (for the sealing, and then for Tia's baby's (little Leila) blessing day).  We drove the distance home both nights and then of course stayed up waaaaaaay too late each night.  I won't even tell you how late.  I know we were all exhausted on Monday morning when it was time to get back to normal life, but my spiritual and emotional bucket were filled to the brim, making all of our efforts worth it.        

The couple of the hour.

These BCFs (best cousins forever) are so cute together.

Blondies (I'm kicking myself that I didn't photo bomb...haha) 

Peace Out Elder

(The above pictures are great examples of horrible vs. fantastic lighting.  Even after editing, this proves that it's all about the lighting. My bad for our placement.)

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