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Monday, January 13, 2014


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I really think that Halloween is the second busiest holiday.  Christmas is first of course, but Halloween just about puts me into the loony bin!  It's my fault, I am to blame.  We go from activity to party, trying to fit it all in all month long.  And I try to grant all of my kids' wishes for costumes and classroom party help.  This year with three of my children in school, it just so happened that each of their teachers asked me to be the party Mom for Halloween.  I felt bad saying no...which meant I had to be in three places at once (with a toddler).  I was literally running down the halls of the school going back and forth to each classroom, and sweating like a pig.  Luckily I had other parents who were super duper helpers!  Each party was a success...and I was exhausted.  But no rest for me, I still had an entire evening of Halloween left.  Plus company coming over the mountain (Joey and parents) for dinner and trick-or-treating.  It was a long, exhausting, but most importantely FUN day! 

We carved pumpkins before Halloween for FHE.  Kempton was set on carving his own (and of course with his perfectionism, he did an above-average job). 

We saved the seeds


It takes much concentration!
Here we have the beautiful and talented Taylor Swift:

A magical Harry Potter (darn those glasses wouldn't work for the camera):

 And a self-proclaimed "princess fairy bride":


 Kinee the bug:

Following the footsteps of her two older sisters.  This costume has gotten plenty of use!


 Fun at downtown trick-or-treating

Decorating cookies in classroom parties.

I made 20 of these graham cracker haunted houses (the night before) for Averie's class to decorate.

Harry Potter in the costume parade.

Along with Taylor Swift and friends (plus photobomber).

Playing "Guess Who I Am" in front of the classroom

Had to balance out all of that sugar!

Mr. D's traditional costume, a toilet paper mummy

I couldn't have done it without the help of my  friend/OBGYN who helped me with Kinlee!  Him and his wife/also my friend held her most of the time so I could run from class to class.   

Trading candy at the end of the day!

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