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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Pin It The month of October began with a big snow storm.  Nothing unusual, but something we have to brace ourselves for as we know spring won't come until June.  haha 

I can't complain when this is what it looks like right outside my door.  There's nothing like the clear sunny blue skies of Wyoming!  
The only time it isn't clear is when it is actually snowing.  These are my little kiddos braving the "long" walk to school in the storm.  I'm a mean Mom.  The best part of this picture (as you can see) is how it's "every man for himself."

In October, we get the chance to listen to words of wisdom from the leaders of our church.  I look forward to this every six months.
We stay in our comfy clothes and do activities that help us listen. 

Here is Daddy doing an activity of his own (Averie's mind maze).  Not sure if it's helping him listen...or not.  

 Pretty sure they aren't listening.  Sleeping, yes.  On my lap.  Listening, No. 

In between conference sessions, we made our first snowman of the season. 
In other happenings, we went to enjoy the homecoming parade. 

Our games hardly get any use during the summer because we take full advantage of the outdoors when it's above 50 degrees!  But for the rest of the year (9 months), we play many-a board games! 
Kempton lost his first tooth...finally!

We have to get creative on these early snow days!

Group Snuggles!

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