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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Last September Birthday

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From first day to this day and all in between, it's been a joy. 
Happy Birthday 9th birthday to my oldest! 

Averie was spoiled by both of her Grandmas (per usual).  Just had to take a picture of this adorable wrapping.

On her actual birthday, we celebrated as a family with her choice of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

Fun clothes for her American Girl Doll

Kinlee was being crazy (per usual)

I used to collect these little ceramic figurines as a girl.  My mom gave her a few along with a little cabinet to hold them in.  

One of Averie's gifts from us were Harry Potter Jelly beans.  Kempton gave "vomit" a try!  

Averie has expensive taste in food, requesting salmon with avocado salsa and sauted squash for dinner.

Mini birthday day cake flavor icecream with gummy worm is what she served for her birthday at school.  

This is so cliche, but I can't believe it has been 9 years since Averie joined our family.  Time is moving too fast and it makes my want to panic a little.  

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