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Friday, January 3, 2014

American Girl Doll Birthday Party

Pin It Averie and I had so much fun planning her 9th birthday this year, she had been dreaming of what it would be like since she got her American Girl doll a few years back.  Once these invitations were sent, there was no turning back! 

(A custom digital file of this magazine cover invite is available at my etsy shop.  Check it out!)

Averie loves red velvet cake, so we made matching cupcakes, one for her guests and a mini cupcake for their doll.  


 For decorations, I made an American Girl Doll banner and balloons.

 We made place cards for each girl
American Girl Doll clothes banner.

Along with these Kerr jar glasses for red punch
Brenna and Averie helped me make these darling party hats for the dolls.
Snack bar
With girl AND doll sized snacks!
They set up their dolls for a tea party with their snacks and a drink (plastic shotglasses)
And we enjoyed our snacks too!  Mini croissant sandwiches included (it was dinnertime after all)
We played a few fun activities.  First, we had an American Girl Doll fashion show.  The girls were split up into two groups so they would always have an audience.  I got lots of video of this (it was hilarious) but no pictures!  Then there was musical nail polish.  They each got a different color of nail polish and when the music stopped, they painted their nails with that color. 

 They made tule tutus for their dolls.  I must have been too busy during this activity because I didn't get any pictures.  They were cute! 
We also played American Girl Doll Bingo (not pictured)
 Inside their goody bags were snacks, their tutus, mini cupcakes, doll party hats, nail polish, and American Girl Doll stickers. 

 This picture shows Averie's excitement!

 Daddy and Kempton came home just in time to eat cake!

I took a picture of each girl with her doll, and made them their very own 5x7 magazine cover as a thank you!



Heather said...

What an awesome party! I LOVE the magazine covers you did!

May Chone said...

How did you do the magazine cover? Can you share the template??

Shari said...

How did you do the fashion show? Did the girls take turns dressing up their dolls?