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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Entertainment

Pin It We don't have to go very far to be entertained at our house.  After all, we have a crazy little 18-month-old who is our entertainment. She is here all day, we can just sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch her little mind go to work.   

Kinlee is hands down our craziest baby thus far!  She gets into every drawer, bag, and cupboard.  She is definitely a mess maker!  I could follow her around all day and do nothing but clean up after her.  She refuses to sit in her high chair (so we put it away) and now thinks she's a big kid with her brother and sisters up on the bar-height stools.  Scares us to death, but it's the only way she will eat.  And speaking of eating, she lives off of very little.  I always tell people that she just eat five bites and is done. 

Of course we think she is the funniest baby alive, and I think she hams it up because she knows she has an audience.  One of her funniest tricks is that she loves to play duck duck goose when we are all kneeling down for prayer.  Or she'll smack whoever is saying the prayer right in the face.  She will babble conversations as if we can understand each word.  Some of her top words are:  Wee-wee (Averie), Elmo, Where are You?, Itsy bitsy (for Itsy Bitsy spider), Hungry, Tub Tub, Hungry, Drink Drink, and No.  She loves to read books and requests a pile of at least 10 books to read in her crib during her nap.  She will then fall asleep on all of her books.  She entertains us all, and we love her to pieces. 

I have captured just a few of her "adventures:"

She climbs up on the bathtub so that she can reach in and play with Daddy's toiletries. 

From the bathtub, she climbs up on the counter to try some of Mommy's makeup.

She stands on her tippy toes to see what is inside this drawer in the office.  She just knows there's something good in there, and will empty everything out of it until she finds exactly what she's looking for.  

Instead of eating food, she throws it all on the floor. 

Her favorite thing to do is to climb up on the table.  She started doing this right after she started walking and it would scare me to death.  She could easily fall and crack her head open!  It looks as if her goal was to look through all of the movies that were sitting on top of the table.

She can get to anything up high by carrying this little chair around as a step stool.

Some of her beautiful artwork on display.

Her permanent marker art.  This is what happens when you have older children who leave out their markers.  We have since banned all non-washable markers.

She loves to stay up late with Dad and Mom, but it is virtually impossible trying to keep her from going into the kids' rooms and waking them up!

Here's a little mischievous face on top of the table.  Notice all the chairs against the wall.  That didn't even get in her way!

Taking a little snooze in her favorite place.

She puts just about everything on her head as a hat.  This time it was Kempton's buildabear Bronco helmet.

I love this little face with those big eyes!

Has to be part of everything, especially snowman building on a winter day.

And loves to exercise with Mommy!

Big Girl Pigtails
 She gathers everything (shoes, snowhat, cuddlies) and walks around the house like this.

This time she climbed up the pantry shelves in search of Halloween candy. 

All of her things she likes to carry around- 3 stuffed animals, two blankies, and a book.

She loves to sit on the doll chairs and have tea parties.  She will carry everything out, including the table, to the living room for her dollies to join her.  One time she tried for an hour to get her dolly to sit on one of the chairs, she wouldn't give up even though that dolly was not flexible!  

I think this time she discovered my eye shadow paired it with my running headband.

She is a nurturing little girl and likes to carry all of her dollies at once.

Hamming it up in her dress up.
 She loves to take a bath at least twice a day.  Look at all those teeth!

Mascara makeover

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Amanda said...

I was cracking up while reading this post! Don't you just love 18 month olds!?!?