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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello April

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All the kids were in swimming lessons throughout April.  Averie's goal is to progress to swim team by the summer. She is well on her way, doing lengths of freestyle and backstroke.  I've decided that it takes her more effort to swim than the average kid because she is made up of skin and bone, so it is so easy for her to sink.  Fat helps us stay afloat and she has none.  So she is overcoming an obstacle there.  haha  Brenna is getting more confident in the water, and progressed to level three (which is a huge accomplishment around here).  While Kempton is a good little swimmer and can swim a few lengths on his own.  

We had a few of our first tantrums.  Nice to see she is progressing in life normally.  haha

It was conference time again.  We had to put our treat activity up high so that a certain toddler wouldn't gobble them down.  We all look forward to conference, for the traditions and family time. And of course to hear the confirming words of such righteous and wise men and women.

We stay in our PJs for most of the day.  

And enjoy our traditional conference crepes and conference concessions.

I love seeing the fashion-forward ensembles that this little girl creates.

Grandma Perriton had knee replacement surgery, so as an added bonus, we got to enjoy a visit from auntie Trisha.  It was so fun to play with her!

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