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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

March Madness

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March began with a sick little girl, a sad case of RSV that scared us to death.  All was fine and dandy until I could hear her struggle to breath.  I took her into the Instacare on a Saturday morning (when we were the only people in the waiting room) and the receptionist called out to me, "I can hear her breathing from here!"  She responded well to treatments and was one of the 20% of children age three and under who didn't need to be hospitalized.  She is smiling in this picture because she was so happy to finally be able to breathe after her first treatment!  I could see the relief in her face.  And boy was I relieved too.

I did some Crossfit and was left with a few battle bruises.  

The Junior Cowboy Cheerleading season ended for Averie.  

Funny Faces were made by Kinlee during some lunch dates with Daddy

Brenna lost her first tooth, she's quickly catching up to Kempton in the teeth arena.

Kinlee played with her friend Brooklyn, whom she talks about nonstop.

Cale and I enjoyed a rare overnight getaway.  Cale's Christmas present was Jim Gaffigan tickets for Friday night (we laughed out loud for an hour and a half straight).  We had a great time with our group of friends.  

The next morning, we took an awful picture after a peaceful session at the temple.  We need to go more often, it is always just what I need.  

 And ended the trip with a relaxing trip to IKEA.  I say relaxing because we could actually converse with each other and hear each other speak, and even make a few decisions!   

One of our favorite parts of our getaway trip was going to six (we counted) different restaurants in two days.  A little here and a little there...

We spent a low-key spring break in town with friends.

And enjoyed our cousin's visit for their spring break.  

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