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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Stuff

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We've had a low-key summer as far as going anywhere, but have had lots of visitors.  It's been nice to have family and friends travel to us!  

Along with company, we've kept busy and had a lot of fun.  Our days this summer usually didn't begin until late because all the kids have slept in til at least 9:00 am!  We also have late dinners and bedtimes in the summer, that's how we roll around here.  This was good for my soul as I got to go on daily morning jogs not too early (6:45 am) but before Cale left for work and the kids wake up.  I would then get home and usually have a chance to get some quiet time and scripture study in before the craziness began.  Getting up early to run outside in the summer is one of my favorite things about where we live.  It is gorgeous every morning, with clear blue skies and still as can be.  There were so many picture-worthy moments in the morning.  No smog, hardly any clouds, and the perfect temperature.  It keeps me sane and ready to face the day. 

I have managed to continue running all through my second trimester.  It's more like a shuffle and I stop to walk if I'm hurting, but I keep moving.  It reminds me of my first two pregnancies where I ran throughout, making for a more speedy recovery.  I sure hope this happens again this time (but not counting on it considering I'm older and it's my fifth).  I still exercised regularly with my last two pregnancies but at the gym and pool, which are not the same to me, and it was hard to get to the gym as often. 

The timing of this pregnancy has worked out perfectly.  I was sick early on while the kids were in school, felt great during the summer while they were home, am now into my third trimester when things get hard again but kids are back in school, then the baby comes in November when the kids will have Thanksgiving and Christmas break so they can bond with the baby, then I can work to get back into shape while it's still freezing outside and I can wear lots of clothing!  Once summer comes around again, I bet I'll feel back to myself again.  

Here's a little pregnancy progression:

8 weeks                                              15 weeks 

 18 weeks                                           20 weeks...halfway there!

Haven't taken any selfies since.  Whatever cuteness I had left is gone at this point.  haha

And speaking of 20 weeks, we decided to find out the gender of the baby this time.  I've had a strong feeling for a long while that a boy was joining our family.  I'm not one who experiences spiritual revelation very often or easily, but when it comes to my babies,  mother's intuition has yet to lead me astray.   

We are more than thrilled that we are having a BOY!!!  

Especially Kempton of course.  And I loved seeing how excited Cale was, he still can't believe it!  

Take a look at his ultrasound...does it remind you of anyone?  His profile looks very familiar to another little boy in the family. :)

This meant getting right to work and giving away all the bins full of baby girl clothes.  I like the idea of getting rid of storage, but when it came right down to it, I may have shed a tear or two.  But boy am I so excited to use all the baby boy stuff!  

Earlier in the summer was Father's Day.  Cale's present was a bike trailer so he could take all the kids on bike rides.

We made the goal to ride at least 100 miles total this year.  I guess I shouldn't say "we" when I did none of the riding in my pregnant state. But just a few days ago, they accomplished this goal.  Let me tell you, it was hard work!  One of their rides was almost 10 miles long!

Brenna would ride in the trailer about half the time, her little legs and small bike had to work twice as hard to keep up!  Luckily she's small enough that she fit in the trailer with Kinlee.

This looks very comfortable?!?!

We did a lot of day camping, where we just go up to the mountains for the day and then come home and sleep in our own beds.  My kind of camping.  One of these days, I'll feel up to doing the whole shabang!  

This little one missed many-a-nap this summer.  When she got the opportunity, she would nap hard!  Hence the crazy bed head.

We played a lot of with friends this summer.  Fun at the carnival. 
Here's our rodeo faces!

 Birthdays and sleepovers with her bestie

Tuckered out on the floor after a busy summer day!

The summer is coming to and end, we've played hard, we've worked hard.  I imagine with the exception of Kinlee, who I am sure will go through withdrawals not having her siblings home all day.  She thinks she's one of the big kids.  

Now that we've accomplished most everything on our bucket list, we can go back to school!

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