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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Can't forget August and September!

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According to this blog, it's as if August and September never happened.  So here's a fast recap of random moments from these two months:

Coconut Cream Pie for the birthday boy (his request every year, I only make it once a year). 

At the end of the summer, Daddy and Kempton went on a father/son campout, just the two of them.  It was Kempton's "best" for the summer.  He loved having that male bonding time and all the attention.

Kempton is easy to please.  
They had hot dogs and s'mores for dinner, and eggs and bacon for breakfast.

They went on several trail rides.

And Cale was reminded that he is an old man by sleeping on the hard ground.  Kempton was perfectly fine however.

Come to find out, the ultimate "ugly face" can be achieved by putting a bug net over your face. 

Super blurry picture, but super cute sisters.

Daddy got laser eye surgery which meant several trips to his post-op appointments in Ft. Collins. This day, Brenna got to come along because she wasn't feeling well.  The recovery has been "long and arduous," but supposedly worth it.  

Bad angles don't just run in my family:

These two make the best funny faces!

During Gran's visit, the girls had a pamper day with manis and pedis.

I took this picture on my 35th birthday, just so happens I was 32 weeks pregnant this time.  

Went with this sweetie to her first 1st grade field trip of the year!

We realized it's probably time to teach Kinlee how to sleep in a big girl bed, since baby is coming to take over her crib!  She is still not perfect at it, but it went better than expected.

Cale coached Kempton's flag football team.  It was a great experience, Kempton's favorite position was center.  It was more his pace.  

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