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Saturday, November 15, 2014

October in a Rush

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We always kick off October with General Conference.  
We are looking very relaxed, organized and prepared for conference in the below picture.  

But then a certain two-year-old woke up from her nap.  She's baaaaaaaack!

We had some beautifully warm days in October.  This was one of the most peaceful moments we have felt as a family, we spent hours at a local park/pond and fished for crawdads.  We had the area all to ourselves and skipped rocks for hours. 

Cale had a rare "mancation" with his brother and cousins to the Broncos game.  They looks so happy!  Good thing the Broncos won.  

We carved our little pumpkins.

Averie named hers BOB.

 Kinlee had free reign on Halloween candy (when mama wasn't looking).  She figured out how to climb up the pantry shelves all by herself (scary).  

Looking at these pictures, I sure do miss my normal face.

Pumpkin walk with friends

This little girl is quite independent these days

And sure is happy when she has a full nights sleep in her own big girl bed!

Silly Kinlee forgot she was naked!

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